MD-SO Emergency Services

MD-SO Emergency medical services (PTY) ltd is an emerging wholly black owned people mainly involved in emergency medical services.

The company professes:

Good management
and The use of appropriate cutting-edge technology to yield the most cost-effective results all assignments.


To be among the preferred service providers in the field of medical service environment and play a meaningful role in development of skills in our society.


To build long term relationship with patients and clients based on excellence professionalism, honest as well as shared expertise and provides total quality, cost effective and timely solutions and products to satisfy the needs of its patients/clients.
Be extensively involved in social upliftment, empowerment and the transfer of skill to communities, science and technology at the location in variety of ways.


To deliver the best quality and workmanship to our clients and associates.
To provide some in-service training programs in order to achieve our objective of skill transfer.
To be able to enter and be listed on the National Database a s an excellent service provider.

Core Services

Emergency medical services
Medical services.
Transportation of patients.

Management Services

Core services of this division include the following:

Project and programs management services
Contract documentation, administration and supervision of the company.
Quality management systems.
Procurement management and turnkey solutions.
Operations management of public/private facilities etc.

Empowerment Activities

The company sees to be in the following empowerment activities:

Labour intensive skills
Empowerment creation and capacity building through counterpart training and utilising local staff.
Customer care programme.

Quality Control

The company places extra – ordinary emphasis on the quality of its work
A project quality Plan (PQP) has been developed to ensure that the above is achieved and that our clients quality requirements are met effectively and efficiently. The PQP includes the following elements:

Grouping the work and assigning duties and responsibilities to team members
Setting budgets for each and every assignment
Risk management for the client and the company itself
Defining design standards and references.
Review of assumptions and recommendations.
Checking the management and design process.
Defining lines of communication.
Strong key administration and company data.

Areas That We Cover

Port St. johns

Ms N.C. Mdolo

Ms Nomveliso Mdolo


Qualifications: Grade 12, Intermediate Life Support, Trauma Life Support, Public Management, Responsible for conveying and maintenance of health care standard, take leadership role on an ambulance.
The reason why I became a paramedic:- Is because I love helping people, more especially helping people who're involved in accidents and helping a sick person, before I became a paramedic, I noticed that when someone called for an ambulance it took time before it gets to where it's needed and due to that delay some people end up losing their lives before the ambulance could even make it to their homes, so that's the main reason I became a paramedic I saw a gap I had to close it, and most importantly was helping my community to take them to where they need to be to get the best treatment they need.
The best experience:- I helped a person in labour and about to give birth, I was able to assist the mother give birth before we got to the hospital.
The worst experience:- I was the first person to arrive at an accident scene, people were injured badly and others were dead so I had to face the situation and help those that could be saved.

Dr A. Songxaba

Dr A. Songxaba


Qualifications: grade 12, bachelo's Degree in medicine, Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety and work as a Professional Doctor.


Radebe Zama


I became a paramedic because I'm passionate about helping people, driving them to hospital knowing that they'll get the best treatment they need to get better, it makes me happy to see a person appreciating the fact that you saved his/her life.
The best experience was when I helped a person using Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) back in 2016 and she gained consciousness we took her to the hospital, I was happy to see that I can help a person who is about to lose his/her life with the experience I have.
The worst experience was when I saw an accident for the very first time, I saw so many dead bodies, they lost their lives at an early age, I panicked for a minute, but I had to get Myself together and do what's needed.
As much as paramedic course is a short course you need to love what you are doing, be passionate about it, know what you are doing, and take it seriously because you are dealing with people's lives


Bongo Saziso



Mkhwanazi Mzilikazi


The reason why I became a paramedic is because, whenever and wherever you are, you can always help a person with immediate medical attention and you are always on duty even if you don't have the equipment's with you, you can use the knowledge you have.
The best experience I had ever since I became a paramedic was wen an old lady was losing her breath she was about to die, I had to perform Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on her and she caught her breath again, and that was one of my best experiences as paramedic.
The worst experience is when we get a call maybe there's an accident, someone is sick about to lose his/her and because of the traffic you get held up don't get there in time some people end up losing their lives.


Thandisile Ncithingani